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Start Your Journey

Life is a journey. Start your journey with Karin now!

People will always have stress. Its part of the human experience. Its what we do with that stress that matters. Do we release and counter balance the stress or do we weave the toxicity back into our lives, effecting our physiology and mind? Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Meditation can counter balance the stress, bringing our minds and bodies back to optimal health. Reiki and Sound Healing release energy blockages, relieve pain, decrease stress, awaken your inner healer, improve clarity, and increase energy.  Meditation has many benefits such as releasing stress, increasing productivity, intuition, creativity, sexual drive, our growth hormone (associated with slowing signs of aging), increasing immunity (awakening our inner healer), while lowering blood pressure, and helping with weight loss. Daily meditation can also offer protection against depression and help people that suffer from chronic pain.  I will show you how to meditate.  Its easy and the benefits accrue quickly.

You will learn to respond, instead of react. You will understand you have many choices in life and will practice making conscious, nourishing choices and feel a deeper inner peace. Yoga helps release surface stress while improving our balance, flexibility, and strength.  These tools enrich my life and help me turn my intentions and desires into reality and live a more healthful life.  Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation are important first steps to a happier, more fulfilling, and more abundant life. Contact me now to balance your energy, increase your health and well being or learn how to start your own meditation practice.